Residential Services

The Office of Residential Services, headed by Antonia Reason, oversees the following departments:

  • Detention Programs (Executive Director - Mat Fonseca)
  • Office of Residential Services (​Acting ​Executive Director - Lisa Steeple)
  • Office of ​​Medical Services (Medical Director - Dr. Jennifer Maehr)
  • Office of Behavioral Health (Director - Shannon Bowles​)
  • Office of Behavioral Health and Dietary Services​ (Executive ​Director - Adina Levi)
  • Residential Services Inno​vation Teams (Project Manager - Nel Andrews)
  • Residential Services Innovation Teams (Spe​cial Advisor - Joel Castón​)​

Antonia Reason​
Deputy Secretary of Residential Services​​

Antonia Reason

Antonia Reason serves as the Deputy Secretary for Residential Services​​​. She is responsible for directing the operations of six community detention centers, three residential treatment facilities, and oversees the coordination of somatic health care, substance abuse, mental health, behavioral health, dietary, educational, security, recreational and rehabilitation services, Foster Grandparent Program, and the transportation department. Antonia began her career in law enforcement at the age of 22. She diligently earned promotions and rose through the ranks, from Corrections Sergeant, Correctional Lieutenant, and Administrative Lieutenant, to Captain, Assistant Superintendent and as of 2015, Superintendent. In these positions, she has developed a multitude of short- and long-term objectives and programs for detained youth in conjunction with other stakeholders like judges and the senior management teams. Skilled in juvenile correctional facilities operations, program and policy development.

Antonia is actively involved in various civil and charitable organizations. She currently serves on the Disproportionate Minority Contact Council Board and has been certified by The Virginia Commonwealth University for Executive Leadership. She is an active volunteer member of The Howard County Public Schools, NAACP, ALPFA (Association of Latino Professional for America) and American Correctional Association. Her specialty working with the delinquent female population has afforded her the chance to become certified as a Human Trafficking Trainer.

Antonia has appeared on Viacom television (VH1) and has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine. She is also an author and recently released her third book titled, ​​A Reason to Win (A Women's Guide for Success in The Correctional Field). Antonia was selected as one of the “40 under Forty Achievers” for 2019 and awarded in 2020 as one of Maryland's "Top 100 Women.”​​

Mat Fonseca
Executive Director for Residential Services​​

Mat Fonseca

Mat Fonseca serves as the Executive Director of Detention Programs​​​​ with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). In this role he oversees the programm​ing, safety, and security for the Department of Juvenile Services' detention facilities, along with the Foster Grandparents Program and CHAMPS. Mat began his career in 1999, when he started as a Case Management Specialist in Howa​rd County, Maryland. Over the past 22 years, he has worked in both Community and Residential Programming. In the Community, he worked directly with youth and families as a Case Management Specialist, Case Management Specialist Supervisor, and Regional Director. Mat also held roles as a Group Life Manager and Assistant Superintendent at the Victor Cullen Center during the reopening of the facility in 2006. Prior to joining the Department of Juvenile Services, Mat worked at the Victor Cullen Academy (1995-1999) as a direct care staff and Case Manager. Mat received his Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Frostburg State University.

Lisa Steeple​​
Acting Executive Director, Office of Residential Services

This unit oversees the programming, safety and security, education, and transportation for the Department of Juvenile Services' commitment facilities.

Dr. Jennifer Maehr
Medical Director, Medical Services

Jennifer Maehr

The Medical Director oversees the provision of medical services to youth in DJS facilities throughout the State of Maryland.​

Shannon Bowles
Director ​of Behavioral Health

Shannon Bowles is the Director of Behavioral Health. He is a graduate of Frostburg State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Fine Arts and a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology. He earned a Post Master's Certificate in Criminal Justice - Behavior Analysis and has more than 26 years for the State of Maryland.& He worked throughout the department in various positions including Addictions Counselor, Psychotherapist, Alcohol and Drug Professional Counselor - Supervisor, Program Administrator and Regional Coordinator for Behavioral Health Services for the Youth Centers. He is dually credentialed in Mental Health and Addictions Treatment as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) and is board approved to supervise in both disciplines.

This unit administers the behavioral health service program in all DJS facilities. These services include: mental health, behavioral health counseling, mental health treatment, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, this unit oversees implementation and fidelity of DJS Evidence-Based Treatment Services through individualized treatment and service ​plans that are developed for each youth.​​

Adina Levi
Executive Director for Behavioral Health and Dietary Services

Adina Levi

Adina Levi is the Executive Director for Behavioral Health and Dietary Services. Adina has a Bachelor of Sociology Degree with a minor in Urban Policy studies and a Master of Community Counseling Degree from Roosevelt University. She has served in executive positions in both the public and private sectors. Adina previously worked at the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), serving as the Chief Program Manager for Community Programs before being promoted to Deputy Director of Secure Programs. She also served as​ Executive Director at Recovery Centers of America, overseeing the operations of the 140-bed residential and outpatient substance use treatment facility in the state of Maryland.

Nel Andrews
Project Manager, Residential Services Innovation Teams​

Nel Andrews

Nel Andrews, Project Manager for the Residential Services Innovation Teams, has centered her 23-year career around a commitment to racial justice and advancing equity and inclusion in systems and organizations. Prior to joining DJS, she worked as an independent consultant and coach where she leveraged her experiences in non-profit leadership and large-scale public system reform efforts. Her work includes having led a team to design and create a specialized unit for young adults for the NYC Department of Corrections. Nel also worked at the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore, participating in long-term systems change engagements at the state and local level in various places across the country. Nel earned a Master of Science in Justice, Law, & Society from American University, a Bachelor of Arts in History from Guilford College, and her coaching certification from Coach Diversity, an approved International Coaching Federation trainer in Washington, DC.

Joel Castón​
Special Advisor, Residential Services Innovation Teams

Joel Castón is the Special Advisor of the Residential Services Innovation Teams. Joel brings a powerful perspective shaped by over 27 years of lived experience within the criminal justice system. As the first incarcerated person ever elected to public office in Washington, DC, he is committed to creating positive change.

Drawing on wisdom gained on both sides of the bars, Joel has collaborated closely with advocacy groups, policymakers, and government agencies to reform the culture of mass incarceration. He co-founded, helped design and ran the acclaimed Young Men Emerging (YME) unit at the DC Jail, a specialized treatment unit serving young adults 18-25 years of age and he also was on a team that designed and created a specialized unit for young adults for the NYC Department of Corrections.

Since his release in 2021, Castón has continued making an impact through roles as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Re-Entry Program Director, Co-Chair of DC’s Redistricting Task Force, and providing financial literacy programming for youth through his Currency Catchers curriculum. While incarcerated Joel studied Government and Law with Georgetown University, and has also completed certificates in business and investing, including becoming a certified health and life insurance agent.​