About Us

The Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) is an executive agency whose primary task is to appropriately manage, supervise, and treat youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system in Maryland.​

The Department of Juvenile Services is involved in nearly every stage of the juvenile justice process from the moment a youth is brought into a juvenile intake center by the police or as a result of a citizen complaint to the time when a youth returns to the community after completing treatment.

Our Mission

By law, The Department of Juvenile Services is a child-serving agency responsible for assessing the individual needs of referred youth and providing intake, detention, probation, commitment, and after-care services.

The Department of Juvenile Services collaborates with youth, families, schools, community partners, law enforcement, and other public agencies to coordinate services and resources to contribute to safer communities.

Our Vision​

Successful Youth, Strong Leaders, Safer Communities.

Our Goals

  • Improve positive outcomes for justice-involved youth
  • Only use incarceration when necessary for public safety
  • Keep committed and detained youth safe while delivering services to meet youth needs
  • Ensure a continuum of care for justice-involved youth that is age- and developmentally-appropriate
  • Build, value, and retain a diverse, competent, and professional workforce
  • Enhance the quality, availability, and use of technology to improve services for staff, youth, and families