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The Maryland Department of Juvenile Services offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities to improve the lives of our youth, families and communities.

We strive to build SUCCESSFUL YOUTH, STRONG LEADERS AND SAFER COMMUNITIES. We would love for you to join our DJS team!

Good luck with your job search and thank you for considering employment with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. When applying for any position at DJS, please be sure to let us know how you heard about the vacancy.

Detention employee
Detention employee

Detention and Residential Services

This unit oversees the programming, safety and security, education, and transportation for the Department of Juvenile Services' detention and commitment facilities. Employees in this unit play an integral role in aiding the youth in acquiring the skills needed to have successful and productive lives upon release from a DJS facility. Residential Services Direct Care positions include:

  • DJS Resident Advisor Trainee
  • DJS Resident Advisor I & II
  • DJS Resident Advisor Lead
  • DJS Youth Transportation Officer Trainee, I, II
  • DJS Youth Transportation Officer Lead
  • DJS Youth Transportation Officer Supervisor
  • DJS Resident Advisor Supervisor
  • DJS Residential Group Life Manager I & II
  • DJS Youth Recreational Specialist I & II

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Community employee

Community Supervision & Intake/System Reform

The Community Supervision division oversees the case management operations for youth under court ordered probation/aftercare services and assists in facilitating in-home and out-of-home committed treatment services for youth. The Intake and System Reform unit is responsible for reviewing and assessing intake complaints in effort to promote the best interest of the child and public safety. This unit also develops reform and equity initiatives at all levels of the juvenile justice system. Positions in this unit include:

  • DJS Case Mgmt Specialist I, II, & III
  • DJS Case Mgmt Specialist Supervisor
  • DJS Case Mgmt Program Supervisor
  • DJS Resource Specialist
  • DJS Resource Specialist Supervisor
  • DJS Community Detention Officer I, II, & III
  • DJS Community Detention Officer Supervisor
  • DJS Program Specialist

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Behavioral Health employees

Behavioral Health

This unit is responsible for establishing and implementing policies governing the delivery of mental health, substance abuse, and evidence based treatment services to youth under DJS supervision.

  • Psychologist I & II
  • Psychology Associate, Doctorate
  • Social Worker I & II
  • Social Worker Advanced
  • Alcohol & Drug Professional Counselor Advanced
  • Alcohol & Drug Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Alcohol & Drug Professional Counselor Provisional
  • Mental Health Professional Counselor

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Somatic Health employee

Somatic Health

This unit provides comprehensive quality healthcare and nutritional health services to youth at DJS facilities. Its mission is to protect, promote, and advance the health of all youth in the care if the department. Position in this unit include:

  • Dentist
  • Registered Nurse Charge Medical
  • Registered Nurse Supervisor

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Food Service employee

Food and Nutritional Services

This unit is charged with ensuring that youth in DJS - operated facilities receive proper nutritional services. Employees in this unit prepare safe, nutritious meals for youth housed at a DJS facility, coordinates kitchen operations, and supervises youth engaged in the preparation and serving of meals. Positions in this unit include:

  • Cook I & II
  • DJS Youth Center Cook
  • DJS Youth Center Cook Lead
  • Food Administrator I & II
  • Food Service Worker I & II
  • Food Service Supervisor I & II

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Maintenance employee


Facilities Maintenance provides daily services to ensure that the maintenance needs of the facilities are met and maintained along with working with the Maryland Department of General Services on projects.

  • Maintenance Chief I - IV
  • Maintenance Supervisor I - IV
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Maintenance Mechanic Senior
  • Painter

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Support Services employees

Support Services

The Support Services division oversees DJS's budget, human resources, information technology, and other services that are necessary so that the agency may efficiently and effectively accomplish its goals.

  • Office Secretary
  • Management Associate
  • Admin Officer
  • HR Specialist
  • Fiscal Services Officer I & II
  • Agency Budget Specialist
  • Fiscal Accounts Technician 
  • Computer Information Services Specialist
  •  Research Statistician
  • And many more…

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Training (ELT) employees

Training (ELT)

All staff in a mandated position shall successfully complete the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commissions (MPCTC) approved Entry Level Training (ELT) for the position in which they were hired before they are to be fully certified in the mandated position by MPCTC.

The Entry Level Training (ELT) Academy is the first encounter that a new employee has once they successfully complete the hiring process. The ELT Academy embraces the core value of continuous improvement and learning for all trainees. The Academy’s curriculum is structured to meet or exceed all of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions (MPCTC) entry-level training objectives while also keeping in mind the mission and vision of the Department.

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The Department of Juvenile Services values the experience gained by Veterans of the Armed Services while serving our country. Veterans are welcome to apply for all current recruitments. Click on Job Opportunities and review the DJS job announcements currently open. Please review the entire announcement carefully prior to applying as different positions require different levels of education and experience. Good luck with your job search and thank you for considering employment with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services.

Veteran Resources​

DJS Veterans’ Services Specialist (VSS)

Name: Shavonne Holman
Phone: 410-230-3465​

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