Careers - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I find out what positions you have open?

Visit the Career Opportunities page​ on our website and review current Department of Juvenile Services job openings. These are current Department of Juveniles Service job openings for which you may apply.

2. How do I apply for a job at the Department of Juvenile Services?

Visit the Career Opportunities page​. The announcements posted are for current job openings for Department of Juvenile Services positions that are being filled. Click on the Class Name and review the information provided on job duties, Minimum Qualifications, as well as any Selective Qualifications, special requirements or limitations, the closing date, and how to apply online. The online Employment Application must be received no later than the closing date.

3. May I mail you my application?

Online application process is STRONGLY preferred. A paper application may be mailed to the address below or faxed to the fax number below. If you choose fax or regular mail you must include on each page of the attachment your First and Last Name, the Recruitment Number that is located at the top of the bulletin and the last 4 digits of your SSN#. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing the online application or paper application. Applications must be received by the closing date – no postmarks will be accepted. Incorrect application forms will not be accepted:

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
OHR-Recruitment and Examination Unit
217 East Redwood Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Fax Number 410-333-4188

TTY Users: call via Maryland Relay.

4. What happens after I submit my application in response to a current job announcement?

Your application will be reviewed to determine whether you meet the Minimum Qualifications, including any Selective Qualifications, other special requirements, or limitations that are listed on the announcement. If your application is approved and the position is a position in the Management Service, Executive Service, a Special Appointment, or Contractual position, you may receive subsequent communication from the hiring manager. Not all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be selected for an interview.

For classifications in Skilled and Professional Service, you may be required to take a written test or generally the application itself will be scored. You will receive a score of Best Qualified, Better Qualified or Qualified and remain on the eligible list for the job classification for at least one year. You will receive a notice of your test result and status.

If your education and experience do not meet the minimum qualifications including any selective qualifications or other specified requirements, your application will be disapproved. You will be notified that the application has been rejected.

5. What is the next step after I’ve received a Notice of Test Result and placement on an eligible list?

The eligible list will remain in effect for at least a year and will be used to contact applicants for an interview for the Department of Juvenile Services vacant position. Candidates on the eligible list not interviewed for a current vacancy remain on the eligible list until expiration of their scores and may be contacted again for other future vacancies.

6. How can I find out the minimum qualifications of a Department of Juvenile Services position?

Visit the Department of Budget and Management’s Office of Personnel Services and Benefits website and click on State Jobs and then Class Specifications to view a Maryland State Classification Specification Sheet on minimum qualifications of positions that are unique to the Department of Juvenile Services and to view minimum qualifications for other state classifications. For information about other state agency positions and minimum qualifications, visit the same site and click on State Jobs.

7. I’m interested in working with troubled youth. How can I be hired to work with youth as a DJS Resident Advisor or a DJS Case Management Specialist?

The initial step in the employment process is to apply when a job announcement is open for a DJS Resident Advisor Trainee and a DJS Case Management Specialist I and subsequently be approved. The minimum qualification for DJS Resident Advisor Trainee is that you have a high school diploma or GED. The minimum qualification for a DJS Case Management Specialist I is that you possess a Bachelor’s Degree.

8. What other classifications work directly with youth?

Visit the Career Opportunities page​ and review a description and list of some of the other Department of Juvenile Services classifications that work directly with youth.

9. Employees who work in positions that work directly with youth are required to be certified by the Maryland Correctional Training Commission (MCTC). How would I become certified?

A candidate for employment in a mandated position that includes DJS Case Management Specialist, DJS Resident Advisor, and Juvenile Services Support staff member would become certified as a result of fulfilling the selection and certification standards established by the Department of Juvenile Services and the Maryland Correctional Training Commission (MCTC). Candidates for mandated positions shall meet standards in the following areas: Age, Residency, Educational, Physical, Mental Health, Oral Interview, Drug Screening, Prior Substance Abuse, Background Investigation, Criminal History Investigation, and Child Protective Services Central Registry. Subsequent to employment, an employee in a mandated position must participate in mandatory entry level and annual training to become and maintain certification.​

10: How can I be notified when positions I am interested in become available?

If you are interested in a position that is not posted, you may complete an Interest Card. You will be notified by email when your job interests are posted so that you may apply.