Juvenile Services Education Program (JSEP) and Board School Programs


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​Career and Technology Education (CTE)

Career Technology Education Coordinator - Dr. Sohn Butts​

Middle and High School

JSEP offers all middle and high school students courses in the career technology education field as well as many certificates and certifications. Students can use the courses as part of their high school graduation requirements and can tailor the certification and certificate programs to meet their own interests. Additionally, JSEP partners with outside organizations to offer JSEP students opportunities to pursue a myriad of vocational interests. The goal of the CTE program for these students is to continue to help them define their career goals by exposing them to many possibilities.

Post- Secondary

JSEP also has a full slate of offering for our high school graduates. Each student is guaranteed a minimum of 2.5 hours of work per day. This work is chosen based on an individual student’s needs and goals. These activities include college placement tests, credit-bearing college courses and vocational education program from one of our community college partners, a wide range of certifications and certificates, and workforce development classes for those students who wish to explore the world of work and different career fields. JSEP is continually seeking out and introducing new programs that will meet the needs and interests of our post-secondary students.

Library Media Services

Personalized Learning and Library Media Coordinator - Jennifer Swiech

The JSEP libraries have a wide selection of books for students to use for leisure reading as well as for research needed for school or their own interests. The computer labs offer spaces where students can work on individualized computer course work, college and vocational post-secondary courses, as well as studying for the GED and college placement assessments.

In addition to maintaining our schools' libraries, the media specialist and the Personalized Learning and Library Media Coordinator, aide teachers throughout JSEP in the use of digitals tools that can be used to personalize learning. Using these technologies, we can offer the best of what each teacher and facility have to offer throughout the system.

Special Education

Special Education Coordinator - Shelby Webb​

Juvenile Se​rvices Education Program Special Education Policies and Procedures ​Handbook (2022)​


Special Education students in JSEP are entitled to the same rights and accommodations as any special education student in the country as guaranteed by law through both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.05.01 (COMAR). All meetings, assessments, accommodations, and related services are provided in the JSEP schools according to all required timelines. The parent’s role in their student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) does not change. Special education teachers stay in contact with parents throughout the student’s enrollment. JSEP is committed to providing students with IEPs a free and appropriate education and our small class sizes lend themselves to being able to give more attention to all students. JSEP also provides transition services to our students with IEPs facilitating a smooth transition from the JSEP School to the student’s next educational placement.