Juvenile Services Education Program (JSEP) and Board Superintendent

JSEP Superintendent

The JSEP Superintendent is responsible for implementing and administering educational programs approved by the JSEP Board, including:​

  • Meeting with and advising the JSEP Board about programming and outcomes;
  • Selecting and directing JSEP staff, and;
  • Ensuring implementation of the JSEP Board policies and decisions.

Kimberly Pogue, Superintendent of Schools

Kimberly Pogue

From the Superintendent:

Providing education to the students in the JSEP schools is both an honor and a significant responsibility. Those of us that have the privilege to work with JSEP students are committed to providing them with a comprehensive education. We value a culture of equitable practices, collective responsibility, continuous improvement, and a collaborative culture.

Students receive an education tailored to their individual needs, strengths, and goals and one which keeps them on track with their public-school counterparts. All coursework meets the Maryland Career and College Readiness Standards. In addition to their core academic classes, students are provided opportunities to participate in elective and vocational education courses and earn service-learning hours. Students who earn their high school diplomas with us, or come to us as high school graduates, participate in post-secondary opportunities in line with their interest. These may be college placement activities, college courses, certifications, or vocational programs. Students are provided with technology in their classrooms and the use of many digital tools to aid in their learning.

We invite families to be active partners with us in this important work of educating, preparing, and inspiring each student to successfully transition into the community. The involvement of families and our community partners strengthens our program and we eagerly engage with all who advocate for our students' best interest. It is truly an honor to be part of this community.


Kim Pogue​