Visiting Policies and Hours

Coronavirus Information​

DJS is working closely with the Governor's office and other state agencies to monitor the latest information on the Coronavirus. Please review the Maryland Department of Health's FAQs and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website for updates and tips.​

Visitation Guidelines:

Department of Juvenile Services encourages family members to visit and keep in touch with youth in the care of Department of Juvenile Services. All Department of Juvenile Services youth are able to receive visitors, subject only to the limitations that are necessary to maintain order and security at the facility. Within safety limits, authorized visitors may have opportunities for physical contact.

All visitors under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent: eligible family visitors (with valid photo identification):

  • Mother / father
  • Legal guardian / custodian
  • Maternal and paternal grandparents
  • Stepparents, siblings, stepsiblings (photo identification is not required if under 16 years of age and accompanied by parent or legal guardian / custodian)
  • Spouse or child (offspring) of youth in DJS care, (child must be accompanied by the Department of Juvenile Services youth’s parent or legal guardian / custodian​)
  • Significant persons - means an individual identified by the youth who plays a supportive role in the youth’s life. This could include a coach, mentor, teacher, or an additional family member, etc.
  • Other Eligible Visitors (with valid photo identification and certification/license):
    • A youth’s attorney may visit at any reasonable time.
    • Clergy may arrange visits by contacting the youth’s facility case manager and must be approved by the Facility Superintendent or designee.

* All visitors must be cleared by the community case manager.


  • Visitation is offered daily - seven days a week and requires 24-hour notice from the family to the Facility Case Manager Specialist (CMS) and cannot be scheduled during the school day or during meal times.
  • All visitors under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent.
  • You must have a photo ID.
  • Each youth may have up to two v​isitors per visit.
  • A youth may refuse a visitation.
  • All visitors are subject to a pat down search and a scan with a metal detector.
  • Visitors may not bring personal belongings such as handbags and phones into a facility.
  • Special visits outsid​e the regular schedule may be arranged by contacting the youth’s facility case manager.
  • A particular visit may be terminated or visitation privileges suspended if the safety or security of the facility is involved or a visitor is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or their behavior is otherwise inappropriate, including:
    • refusal to submit to pat down and metal detector wand search procedures;
    • refusal or failure to provide sufficient identification or the falsification of identification;
    • under the age of 21 not accompanied by a parent or guardian;
    • verbally or physically disruptive behavior by the youth or the visitor;
    • disturbing other person(s) in visiting area;
    • excessive physical contact between the visitor and the youth;
    • bringing contraband into the facility;
    • assisting in an escape (criminal charges will also be filed);
    • failure or refusal of visitor to adhere to dress requirements;
    • refusal of visitation by youth; or
    • violation of facility rules by the youth or the visitor

Appropriate Attire:

  • All visitors must be dressed appropriately. For example: form fitting, revealing clothing, or inappropriate slogans on clothing are not allowed.
  • No open-toed shoes allowed.
  • All hats, headdresses, scarves, shawls, coats, including religious apparel must be searched​.
  • In the event that you come to the facility with inappropriate clothing, you will be given alternative clothing to wear.

Contact Information:

Contact Numbers
Alfred D. Noyes Children's Center: temporarily closed
Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center443-263-8998
Marco Thomas (Case Manager Supervisor)​ 443-263-8923
Charles H. Hickey, Jr. School
Tamara Miller (Case Manager Supervisor) 443-793-5032
Cheltenham Youth Detention Center
Prince Harmon (Case Manager Supervisor) 301-782-2416
Lower Eastern Shore Children's Center
Tynesia Brown-Whittington (Case Manager Supervisor) 443-523-1549
Western Maryland Children's Center​
Trinity Atkinson, (Case Manager Supervisor) 301-745-6069
Treatment Center
Backbone Mountain Youth Center
Curt Taylor (Case Manager Supervisor) 301-359-9190
Green Ridge Youth Center
Jeffrey Babich (Case Manager Supervisor) 301-478-2930
Garrett Children's Center (temporarily closed)
Victor Cullen Center:

Michelle Danois (Asst. Supt.) 443-768-1768​

 *If approved visitors are unable to visit during regular visitation, special visits may be arranged by contacting the facility case manager.  All special visits must be approved by the facility superintendent.