More Restrictive Settings

Youth Center

The DJS Youth Centers consist of four facilities located in Western Maryland that provide treatment services to male youth.  All of the Youth Centers are staff secure, which means that youth movement within the facility is managed through staff supervision.

Backbone Mountain Youth Center

Green Ridge Youth Center

Meadow Mountain Youth Center

Silver Oak Academy

The Silver Oak Academy is a private residential program owned and operated by Rite of Passage, Inc. This treatment program serves male youth in a staff secure setting, which means that youth movement is managed through staff supervision. While the program is privately operated, the program only serves Maryland DJS youth.

Secure Confinement

DJS operates two Secure Confinement Facilities that are utilized to provide treatment to youth who pose safety risks to themselves or others and have significant behavioral and/or mental health needs. Both facilities are hardware secure, which means that the movement of youth within the facilities is managed by both staff supervision and the construction and hardware of the facility such as locks, bars and fences.

Victor Cullen Center – Treatment program for male youth.

Savage Mountain - Treatment program for male youth.

J. DeW​eese Carter Center – Treatment program for female youth.


DJS may place youth in Out-of-State Programs only upon the approval of the Secretary of DJS or a designee. Out-of-State programs range from residential treatment centers to staff and hardware secure facilities. Under Maryland law, youth may only be placed in an out-of-state program only when his/her individual needs cannot be met through in-state resources. Youth placed in an out-of-state program are visited at least quarterly by DJS staff. Likewise, parents or caregivers are provided the opportunity to visit their child at least once per quarter.