Re-Entry and Aftercare

While approximately 35,000 youth are processed every year at the DJS's intake centers throughout Maryland, only about 2,000 of those youth will eventually be ordered by a court to receive treatment in a facility either in Maryland or in another state. At some point, those 2,000 youth will complete their respective treatment programs and return to their communities.

What Is Re-Entry and Aftercare?

Re-entry and Aftercare are a collection of programs and policies designed to assist youth in their transition to life back in their community after they have completed court-ordered treatment.

Why Is Re-Entry and Aftercare Important?

Recent research has shown that effective and timely re-entry and aftercare programs increase the success rate for youth when they return to the community by providing continued counseling, services and employment training and assistance. These efforts help the youth continue his or her progress and avoid getting in more trouble.

How Has DJS Implemented Re-Entry and Aftercare?

Before most youth have even been admitted to a treatment facility, case management specialists for the Department of Juvenile Services develop plans for re-entry and aftercare. These plans focus on the youth's living arrangements upon their return to the community, educational needs, medical or mental health needs and Job skills​.