Savage Mountain Youth Center

​​Savage Mountain Youth Center

The success of the first boys' forestry camp at Green Ridge prompted the General Assembly to appropriate funds for additional facilities in 1956. As a result, Lonaconing Forestry Camp for Boys opened in December 1957 and was renamed Savage Mountain Youth Center (SMYC) in 1977. After closing in 1999, SMYC reopened in 2001.

SMYC provides a six- to nine-month treatment program for male youth primarily between the ages of 14 to 18 who have been ordered by a court to receive treatment services. SMYC provides dietary, medical, educational and counseling servic​es as well as space for recreation. In addition to receiving services, youth residing at SMYC attend school in the facility year round, five days a week for six hours a day.


Contact Information

Superintendent: Walter Alston

164 Freedom Lane
Lonaconing, MD 21539
Phone: 301-463-2244




Updated Visitation Procedures:

In addition to regularly scheduled facility visitation, non-routine visitation requires a 24-hour RSVP to the Case Manager and cannot interfere with school.​

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