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Sam Abed

Welcome to the Department of Juvenile Services' website. I, along with Governor Larry Hogan and Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, want to thank you for your interest in learning more about the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) and the juvenile justice system in Maryland.

Maryland's juvenile justice system strives to hold youth accountable for their actions and provide age-appropriate treatment services. As a public safety agency, DJS focuses on assessing and investigating youth after they have been arrested, supervising youth on probation and providing treatment services. DJS's mission is to make communities safer by getting troubled youth the support and services that they need to become productive citizens.

I have set some goals that I believe will have a beneficial impact on the agency, the youth in our care and the communities we serve. First, DJS should hold youth accountable for wrongdoing, prevent further reoffending and treat youth fairly. This can be achieved by using restorative justice, which includes graduated responses and incentives. This program not only will keep kids from re-entering the system, but holds them accountable while taking their developmental stage into consideration. Second, we should only use confinement when our alternatives are inappropriate, ineffective or youth pose a risk to community safety. Lastly, I am committed in keeping all youth safe from sexual abuse in our facilities. The Department is in compliance with the federal government's Prison Rape Elimination Act, as we have a zero tolerance policy for all acts of sexual abuse and harassment.

By helping each youth to become a self-sufficient, productive adult, DJS is helping change Maryland by keeping youth and communities safe.

Thanks for visiting our website. It is our pleasure to serve the citizens and youth of Maryland.


Sam Abed


Department of Juvenile Services