The Operations division oversees all of DJS' programs that directly manage and supervise the behavior and health of youth in DJS' care such as residential facilities, somatic health and services such as behavioral health, substance abuse and mental health.

Anthony Wynn
Executive Director for Residential Services

Anthony Wynn

This unit oversees the programming, safety and security, education, and transportation for the Department of Juvenile Services' commitment facilities.

Keva Jackson
Executive Director, Office of Clinical Services​

Keva Jackson

The Office of Clinical Services is comprised of the medical, nursing, nutritional, and behavioral health units. These units function collaboratively to ensure comprehensive care to the youth in DJS facilities throughout the State of Maryland. These services include child and adolescent health, dental, substance use/abuse services, and behavioral health, nutrition, pharmacy, and laboratory services. The unit is also responsible for special health programs, health education and wellness policy, and programs for the Department. 

Dr. Jennifer Maehr
Medical Director, Medical Services

Jennifer Maehr

The Medical Director oversees the provision of medical services to youth in DJS facilities throughout the State of Maryland.​

Dr. Laura Estupinan-Kane
Director, Office of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Services

This unit administers the behavioral health service program in all DJS facilities. These services include: mental health, behavioral health counseling, mental health treatment, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, this unit oversees implementation and fidelity of DJS Evidence-Based Treatment Services through individualized treatment and service plans that are developed for each youth.

Laura Estupinan-Kane serves as Director of the Office of Behavioral Health Services for the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. Her role is to supervise and oversee the provision of behavioral health services in all DJS facilities and designated community offices to ensure alignment with the agency’s mission and strategic plan. Laura worked in private practice for 14 years during which time she worked with justice involved youth and adults. In 2014, Laura joined the DJS behavioral health team and initially worked at the Victor Cullen Center and Western Maryland Children’s Center. Laura is a licensed psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.